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Retinal photography: a vital role in closing the diabetic retinopathy care gap
By Arth Shah 27 June 2023

Diabetes is increasing rapidly in the United States, and so is the secondary complication of...

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Closing the diabetic retinopathy gap with retinal cameras
By Arth Shah 27 June 2023

Diabetic retinopathy tragically claims the eyesight of many diabetes patients around the world each...

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Halma Gift Of Sight campaign to end preventable blindness starts in the US with Volk
By Arth Shah 27 June 2023

Statistics show that preventable blindness is set to affect more than 115 million individuals by...

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Webinar 4

Tips and Tricks from Experts on Clinical Examinations

Dr. Donny Suh | Dr. Suber Huang | Dr. Inder Paul Singh

Webinar 5-1

Using Slit Lamp Microscope to Visualize the Ocular Structures

Dr. Rachel Brackley | Dr. Stephanie Leburg

Videos: Live Surgery

Videos: Our Impact

Videos: Product Education

Introducing ClearPodTM
Dr. Jeremy Wingard | Dr. Bradley Sacher

Pictor Plus
Introducing Pictor Plus
Dr. Grace Prakalapakorn

Introducing HRX SSV Lens
Dr. Manish Nagpal

Lighthizer SLT
Introducing Rapid SLT Lens
Dr. Nathan Lighthizer

Singh MidVitreous